ServiceMesh Admin Design

Focused on Information Architecture, while also testing layout and interactive flow planning

ServiceMesh Admin Design

For this project, an overhaul of the information architecture was envisioned to help clean up the presentation of a complex system that had evolved, driven by technical requirements with little concern for the consumers of the product.

Manage Cloud Provider settings
Manage Cloud Provider Settings here - We see an interim Information Architecture in this version. Subsequent screens show a more modern layout and IA structure which came about during iterative design and testing/validation sessions.

A tremendous amount of control over default values can be exerted here, and all values are easily accessed (assuming users know what settings are made at the CloudProvider level... which extensive user testing confirmed that assumption was valid)

Here we see the evolution of the Information Architecture and we settle on a lean and clean labeling with the highest level elements at the top, giving logical access to all of the functionality in the application without requiring additional clicks, but still delivering a clean UI infrastructure.

Save/Cancel controls show up only when needed. Here the user has created a delta by modifying some value on the page. Continuing elsewhere in the app will be impeded by an alert to save or cancel changes before moving on.

Above, we see an old Information Architecture model. A lot of work was done to prove out and demonstrate the value of moving to the newer and simpler IA. 
The work done to get to this understanding was extensive, but the results and their value can be seen by comparing the old with the new label language and density.

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